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To solve the common problems of U

Nowadays, young people like to carry tools like building blocks. What exactly is that?. This thing is small, but it can hide thousands of books, can store thousands of songs, can save tens of thousands of pictures. Here, you’ll be able to guess what it is. Yes, it’s the U disk. However, this little guy’s physique is not good, and often have some “disease””.
Such as:
1.U disk in the East suddenly empty as the night take wings to itself, and staged empty city.
In the 2.U disk folder are not open, somehow hard before the folder blank is not open now.
3. double click cannot open the U disk, right-click the U disk, appear “Auto”.
4.U disk, there are some unknown “children’s shoes”, such as “beauty” ah, “game” ah, “autorun.inf”, and are rushing to catch up.
Our U disk is sick. How can we treat it?. Do not use their unprofessional “medical skills” to treat your U disk, and do not believe the online “folk prescription” or “quack doctor”, that will only make your U disk more serious disease. We should believe in system science, U disk, defender, -U disk, antivirus expert

U use note

1:U disk in use, please ensure that no computer infected virus, otherwise it may destroy the built-in U disk
2: in the absence of the necessary circumstances, please do not directly unplug the computer, to safely remove the USB and then pull out the U disk, otherwise it will affect the life of U disk
3: important documents, please leave a good backup, please do not cut to transfer files, it is best to use replication [to develop good habits of data backup]
4: data loss may be caused by the following aspects, including a sudden power failure, power supply instability, people who do not normally plug, deleted, wrong format, virus damage, electrostatic Jihuai, encryption and authorization, firmware upgrade, electromagnetic interference and so on.

How to remove the disk write protect

First method:
1) Download U disk virus special killing tool USBCleaner;
2) the USBCleaner–> monitoring program — > other functions;
3) a — > remove write protection options, and then select the browse letter, and then remove the write protection;
4) finally try and see if it has been lifted;
5) Note: to confirm that there is no write protection switch U disk, there is a switch directly open, write protection, you can not repair.
Second methods:
First, my computer (right click) – Management – disk management – select the U disk, right-click delete format (online method, I did not test, I hope useful);
Two, modify the registry (because of modifying the registry is a job, and in the end I do not know “other methods” in the two step on a cushion effect, please do the registry to modify the method after the invalid format and then convert to modify the strategy operation);
1, open the registry win+r (ie start – run), type regedit.exe;
2, enter the following directory HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlStorageDevicePolicies;
If there is no StorageDevicePolicies entry, this item is created;
3, establish the Dword value, named WriteProtect, and make it 0;
4, restart;

How to choose u

General steps to buy U disk:
1, starting with the brand. Select a number of quality guarantee U brand, and then according to their purchasing power and demand, choose the right U disk.
The famous brand is in the digital disk storage area in the years of accumulated experience, enterprises in more than 5 years, no matter is the ability of the enterprise strength and service are the “copycat small factory” incomparable. The accumulation of years of technology, also can make the purchase of these brands for consumers to enjoy more technical services, such as “Patriot” with Digital Research Institute, “Daoqin” has a huge digital science and technology park. These strong technology and strength support support, consumers are assured to use, is a strong guarantee of its products, resulting in a huge difference.
Super cheap USB are never heard of the brand of “misfits”, its internal use of the recovery, repair or defective parts, shell rough work, basically can save all things. These products have poor stability, poor compatibility, and no after-sales service at all.

The difference between u and the mobile hard disk

Mobile hard disk drive
[advantages]: large capacity, USB interface, convenient storage, mobile and portable, the price is cheaper than ordinary hard disk.
[]: the disadvantages of easy breaking, bump, vibration, water.
[life]: mobile hard disk theory life of more than 30 thousand hours, such as normal use for 10 years, no problem. The general hard disk has been switched on for 3 years.
USB drive
[advantages] Mini Compact, easy to carry, easy to read and write.
[]: the disadvantages of small capacity, small loss; difficult to store large data transmission speed is slow.
[life]: generally uses U particles MLC dish erasable over 10 thousand times, while the use of SLC particles U disk service life is up to 100 thousand times, but the U disk read and write.
PK result
Mobile hard disk is the mainstream of data backup at present. But because of its requirements for the preservation of the environment, the use of extra care should be careful, knock and pay attention to the correct plug and use. Mobile hard disk quality directly determines its life, attention should be paid to select products of excellent quality (licensed). If it is tyrant, you can choose the black disk. In addition, it is recommended not to buy SSD solid state drives, which are broken and have no chance of data recovery. The U disk is only suitable for temporary storage of small data, and is not suitable for long-term data storage tools, especially large data (it can not be saved).
Each has its own advantages, each has its own advantages and disadvantages, according to their own needs, choose their own storage equipment.

U disk storage principle

The computer to binary digital signal into composite binary digital signal (adding distribution, check and stack instructions) to write and read USB chip adapter interface address corresponding to the stored binary data through the signal processing chip is assigned to the EEPROM memory chip, data storage. EEPROM data storage, its principle is to control the voltage level voltage control gate transistor gate transistor junction capacitance value, the voltage value can be stored for a long time, after the power to save the data is the main reason in the original transistor to the floating gate and selection gate. A floating screen for storing electrons is formed on a semiconductor conducting unidirectional conduction between the source and drain. The floating grid is coated with a silicon oxide film insulator. Above it is the selection / control grid that controls the conduction current between the source and drain. The data is 0 or 1 depending on whether there is an electron in the floating grid formed on the silicon substrate. There is electron 0, no electron is 1. Flash, like its name, deletes data before writing and initializes it. Specifically, electrons are derived from all floating grids. Some data are coming back to “1””. When writing is only 0, the data is written, and when the data is 1, nothing is done. At the time of writing 0, a high voltage is applied to the gate electrode and drain to increase the electronic energy transmitted between the source and drain. In this way, the electrons break through the oxide film insulator and into the floating grid. When reading the data, a certain voltage is applied to the gate electrode, the current is 1, and the current is smaller than 0. When the floating gate has no electronic state (data 1), a voltage is applied to the drain when the gate electrode is applied, and an electric current is generated between the source and the drain due to the movement of a large number of electrons. When the floating gate has an electronic state (data 0), the electrons in the channel will decrease. Because the voltage applied to the gate electrode is floated, it is difficult to influence the channel after the gate has been absorbed by the electron.

U disk.

U disk, the full name “USB flash disk drive”, the English name “USB flash disk””. It is a USB interface, without the physical drive of the micro high-capacity mobile storage products, which can be connected to the computer through the USB interface, plug and play. U disk name originated from the Netac Co production of a new storage device, dubbed the “USB connection”, using the USB interface. The USB interface is connected to the computer’s host, and the data of the U disk can be exchanged with the computer. After the production of similar technology and equipment because Netac has patent registration, and could not be called “flash”, and renamed the U disk “homophonic”. Then call the U disk because it is simple and easy to remember and well known, but until now the two are universal, and they no longer distinguish, is one of the mobile storage device.

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